December 4, 2022

Air fryers are becoming more and more popular all over the world, but are they worth it?

The product is energy efficient. In the UK, a standard oven costs 87p per day to run, while an airfryer only costs 14p per day. Switching to an airfryer would save over £266 each year (Utilita and Iceland)

The appliances are also time-efficient. A chicken breast takes 15 minutes to cook. A one-minute steak takes two minutes on each side, and a baked sweet potato can be ready in less than 20 minutes

Food prepared in an air fryer is quite healthy, as the device gives the food all the crispiness of a deep fryer with very little oil

Many home cooks use an airfryer for every meal they make, from a roast dinner to macarons

The FEMAIL team used a Tefal EasyFry 3-in-1 air fryer to cook popular dishes and answer the question, are air fryers worth buying and can they replace an oven?

Fried chicken and apple crumble

The roast chicken took 1 hour to cook at 200 degrees and was rated 8/10, the chicken retained its juiciness and was delicious

The crumb was cooked at the same temperature for just 15 minutes and scored a 9/10

Falafel wraps

The homemade falafel took 15 minutes to cook and was rated 7/10

The falafels were a little dry, but that was probably the recipe.

Sausages and chips

The sausages took 15 minutes to cook, while the chips took 25

Both received a 9/10 and were perfectly cooked

Salmon steaks

Two salmon steaks took 15 minutes in the air fryer and got a 9/10

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A big advantage was that after cooking, the kitchen did not smell of fish

Breakfast fry

This dish had mixed reviews and scored a 7/10. The bacon cooked perfectly as did the sausages but the egg was hard to cook

But the whole dish only took 11 minutes in total


Obviously not all dishes succeed in an air fryer, so the appliance cannot replace an oven, but they are quick, cheap and healthy and should definitely be considered for a family home