February 9, 2023

Comparison of project management software based on working on real projects. Let’s test and compare all the features in terms of ease of use, ease of communication between team members, prices, and more.

To manage a project, you need to fill different roles. This requires a deep understanding of every aspect of the project, communication between people involved in different areas; and making sure everything works according to plan. Many Project Management Software compete for your attention, and it can be difficult to find the one that best suits your management style and your projects.

Capture demands and ideas

Brainstorm, capture requirements, visual prioritization, and order backlog management.

Prioritize visual ideas

Prioritize ideas and requests through visual networks with effort, impact, cost, and other dimensions.

See the forest and trees?

Defining top-level goals and tasks and breaking them down into subtasks. Or use quick breakdowns based on Epic, Story, and Sprint.

Discover another 50+ ready-to-use frames

Create has an extensive library of tools and frameworks for several areas.

Solve project management challenges. It maximizes team efficiency with boards. Visually organize and track the progress of each type of work to better manage project tasks.

Using the right Project Management Tool can reduce stress and help you complete your project on time. But talking is easy and finding it difficult. If you choose an overly simple tool, you’ll have to cut corners. This will add work for you. On the other hand, if the program is too complicated, you’ll waste time learning how to use it yourself and then teaching others, and that’s a lot of work too.

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Because of this (and to make your life easier), we tested and compared all the leading project management systems on the market. You won’t find a tool on the list that will miraculously solve all your problems, but you will find a tool that fits your work style and provides you with the necessary features for your project.

Explore project management frameworks

Conduit project

Develop and modify your project pipeline process to suit your organization’s project management needs with this project pipeline template.

Project schedule

Plan your project workflows and assign project tasks to the right team members.

Project Timeline

Track your project tasks as they progress on a visual timeline and identify tasks at risk to resolve them instantly.

It’s full of drag-and-drop-friendly features

There are more than 200 high-quality templates for all paid subscribers. Some of the best and simplest automation options on the market include:

  • Such project management tools can seem big and scary, especially if they include a lot of features. But a management tool solves this problem with a comprehensive collection of learning sources and a friendly interface that simplifies navigation. In short: everything is exactly where you expected it to be.
  • The only downside is that the service is constantly changing (almost every year) and requires frequent relearning. On the other hand, this means you don’t have to worry about using outdated software.

A project management tool provides the perfect balance between ease of use and functionality. It presents your project in 14 different ways (excluding external apps and more specific viewing options), over 200 high-quality templates, time tracking, automation, advanced file sharing, and more.

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