December 4, 2022

Shapewear can be categorized in several types, each one aimed at an area of your body and different body types. Although we are big believers that  you can wear any shapewear you want no matter what your size,  XS or 4XL, it’s all does not matter. You always can find your size on trust-worthy professional shapewear shops like Waistdear. Also, on their site you can buy any body shaper wholesale for wholesale prices. Ain’t it perfect deal? When you will discover the world of shapewear from Waistdear, you will find out that you can afford rocking even outfits of your dreams, all women should have right to wear clothes they feel pretty in, no matter their size of wallet and size in clothing.

As most shapers fit to all women’s body types, you can go to a reliable web store and just choose any shapewear you like and order, what can be easier? But we would suggest you to follow some of advices before doing it. We prepared special for you some advices on how to choose a shaper exactly for your figure.

If you owner or curvy figure, you, most likely, need strong support of your breast area and to smooth unneeded bumps. Now you can afford to wear that outfit you always wanted to try on yourself but was scared it won’t look very good on your type of figure. We think all women can wear outfits they want to wear. 

So yes, we strongly recommend you to get a comfortable shaping bra or body shaper that already have a bra made into a its full body shaper. You may, also, like their butt lifters. They make your butt look fit and strong, into trendy and healthy shape. 

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And we like the fact that all shapers on their site hide belly and hips fat. It makes your stomach so smooth that you feel confident about your body enough finally to get into clothes that was in you closet for awhile but you was delaying wearing it. 

Here’s example what you can get for your body type:

This bra implements line printing pattern structural support to create directional compression which gives strong support and so it doesn’t move at all and don’t roll up. Of course, this bras is invisible under any look and feels super comfortable. It also have in it various functions, like lifting and pulling chest lines and preventing muscle strain 

If you are opposite to previous type and want your body to become more feminine. Then body shapers with pushup effects for your breast area and butt and hips. You can buy a panty that lift your butt making it look bigger and athletic. Also, another option that will be good for you is getting bra with push effect for effect of big boobs. 

Don’t forget about your waist, it must be the main thing that makes your figure feminine. You can gain this with a help of waist trainers. You can buy any waist trainer wholesale for better price and finding the one that look the best on you.

Check this waist belt wrap. Is not it look adorable and fun? Not only with it you’ll get your desirable feminine waist but you will see a result from the first day, ads the pink print makes your waist look optically smaller.

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If you’re pregnant, you must need a strong support of your now bigger breast and, the main reason, why you need with no doubts is it will support your belly. Don’t worry, wearing shapewear for pregnancy is not only absolutely unharmful for your and your baby’s health, but, it, also, has tons of benefits of wearing it. On Waistdear there are lots of options made for pregnant women only.

We are in love with this adorable seamless shaping high waisted shorts. It made of only exclusive special materials to make this shaper to stay in a right place, so we really recommend to already order it right now, after finishing reading this article we already finish up. If you want to be prepared, order both shapewear for you during pregnancy and one or couple after pregnancy. As we said, you will need the help shapewear can give you during this not simple time. 

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