December 4, 2022

All compliance-related documentation, including your car insurance policy, should be kept up to date. If you’ve moved permanently, you should update your auto insurance policy as soon as possible. An address change might affect your vehicle insurance premiums, whether you’re moving to a different city or just a few postal codes away.

It’s essential for you to change your address on your car insurance policy to determine the revised interest rates and receive any further official letters on the new address. We’ll go over why insurance prices can vary when you move and how to update your vehicle insurance policy’s address and other pertinent information in this article.

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Continue reading to learn more about how to change addresses on insurance policies.

Insurance address change — why do insurance premiums change when you move?

Many customers are startled to learn that their insurance costs might differ even if they move within the same area. Your premium is calculated by taking multiple factors into account, one of which is your address. Certain sections of a town or city may have little traffic, lowering the danger of a collision. In contrast, others may have greater crime rates, increasing your chances of having your vehicle damaged or stolen.

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Your insurance rate may also be affected depending on how close or far your new address is from your work. If you begin to drive more on a daily basis, the more likely you are to have an accident. Your premium may be reduced if you are currently commuting less or use public transportation to work.

Along with this, you must modify the address for compliance and legal reasons. Third-party claims may require the actual delivery of legal notices to the registered address.

Is moving your residence going to influence your vehicle insurance premium?

If you are leaving Alberta for an extended period, your circumstances will also change. Taking a long trip, working in another province, or permanently relocating to another province necessitates notifying your insurance provider in order to perform any necessary policy modifications.

Let’s look at the examples listed below to get a better understanding of what will influence your car insurance premium:

Working in another province

In most cases, driving your car while working in another province has no bearing on your insurance coverage. However, taking the primary usage of your car into account, whether you are a permanent resident of the area where you work, and much more, it may result in some further changes to your policy.

Additionally, if your commute lengthens significantly, you must tell your insurance provider to ensure that you are adequately protected when it comes to a claim.


You do not need to tell your insurance carrier or worry about pricing adjustments if you are traveling to the countryside on vacation. However, if you are vacationing for an extended period, it is necessary to notify your insurance carrier. Your rate may alter somewhat, but you will be fully insured.

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Relocating to a new province

If you are moving to another province permanently, you get the benefit of a grace period before changing your insurance and vehicle registration to the new jurisdiction. For example, if you relocate from Alberta to Quebec, you will have 30 days to register, license, and ensure your car and 90 days to switch to a Quebec driver’s license.

How can you change addresses on car insurance insurance policies?

There is no exclusive form or online portal for changing the address on your insurance policy. You must contact your insurance provider and update the address on your vehicle insurance policy. You can contact your provider through e-mail or over the phone to get your address updated. In most cases, the insurer will assign a professional who will guide you on the changes in your insurance terms and benefits.

According to the terms and circumstances, your car insurance coverage will be applicable anywhere in the country. However, if there are any irregularities in the address, it’s possible that your claim application process will be hampered. As a result, you should not put off changing the address on your insurance policy. Consider it just another task to complete while relocating to a new city.

The significance of updating your address on your car insurance policy

Apart from the influence on premiums indicated above, given below are the reasons why keeping your auto insurance policy updated with your current address is crucial.

Official information

Although there are a variety of means to contact policyholders (email, phone, etc.), in some situations, delivering official correspondence by mail or courier may be required by law. As a result, you should keep your address up to date to ensure that you do not miss any formal correspondence.

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Proof of address

While an auto insurance policy may not be your first choice for filing as address verification, it can be utilized in specific situations. Having numerous address proofs on hand is beneficial. You don’t know which one will come in handy.

Avoid problems with claims

Major irregularities in the address might be a substantial barrier to resolving claims in some cases. Although improbable, there is a chance that the claim could be delayed due to such a trivial matter. To minimize problems during claim settlement, it’s best to be safe and update the insurance with the current permanent address.


After relocating to a new province, you often have some time to complete the three basic requirements:

  • Obtaining a driver’s license in your province.
  • Changing the registration on your vehicle.
  • Car insurance renewal or acquisition.

Policy fraud occurs when a policyholder falsifies or withholds information from their insurance contract. Address misrepresentation is one of the most common forms of policy fraud. So, we suggest you get done with this as soon as possible. Contact your insurance advisor (also known as a broker) for a smooth process.