January 27, 2023

Almost half of the world’s population cannot eat a meal without having a suitable beverage to go with it. Whether it is a drink or a fruit juice, they need something to sip on while getting their portion of food. However, as per the new trends of 2022, people have shifted their focus from some random drinks to healthy ones.

In 2022, the beverage is not just to meet the thirst but to meet the need for control, health, and sustainability to recover, according to WorldTeaNews. This means it has brought a challenge to the food and beverage manufacturers, and they now have to focus more on healthy products and clean labels. And manufacturers can do this by introducing a new and better juice filling machine in their manufacturing unit.

A Message for Suppliers: 2 Key Points to Meet the 2022 Beverage Trend

If you are a beverage supplier and want to keep up with the trend of healthy and clean beverages, you need to focus on the following two aspects of the juice filling process:

  • Maintain The Nutritional Value

Because of the healthy drink trend, drinks that add nutrient content, such as vitamin C, are warmly welcomed. But what companions it is the challenge to keep these vulnerable ingredients valid during the whole process of filling, in which heat is often used to sterilize but also destroys the nutrient’s structure.

  • Preserve The Original Flavor

To create a natural flavor for juice, many manufacturers will add some pulp to the juice. However, it also raises the difficulty level during the filling process since some foreseeable issues: the pulp may bring microorganisms, get stuck in the valve, or get a sour taste when overheated.

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There are two keywords in the above two requirements: heat and microorganisms. To avoid the harm of these two factors, you should choose an aseptic cold filling machine, which has many types on the market. What is the best for you?

3 Types of Juice Filling Machines to Boost Your Juice Business

Being in the industry for so long, you will still be using the same old traditional juice filling machine. But this is the time that you expand your horizons and take a look at these three different types of aseptic-cold juice filling machines brought to you exclusively by Tech-Long and improve your production efficiency.

  • Mechanical Valve Filling Machine

If the juice you make is all liquid and has no pulp, this juice filling machine is for you. Applicable for three different types of juice bottles, including PET, glass, and HDPE, the mechanical valve juice filling machine can fill up to 60000 juice bottles within an hour, and the best part is that it comes with different air vents tubes to make sure the required level of hygiene is maintained.


  • Flow Meter Filling Machine

The highlighting feature of a flow meter juice filling machine is that it has an accurate fill level that controls the non-contact filling. If your goal is to meet the 2022 beverage health standards and pack pulpy juices in PET, glass, or even HDPE juice bottles, this one is the best for you. With the capacity of filling approximately 60000 juice bottles in an hour, this juice filling machine also has an optimal flow path in the filling valves to ensure the complete and fast CIP recipe changes.

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This juice filling machine is the one you need if you want to have both pulpy and non-pulpy juices to be filled. This does not have a restriction on volume; however, this one does not entertain glass bottles; only PET and HDPE are allowed. It features a regular adjust for fast recipe changes, and similar to the other two types, it can fill up to 24000 juice bottles in an hour.


The difference between the three juice filling machines by Tech-Long is that the mechanical valve uses fill-level as a measuring instrument, the flow meter uses the volume, and the weight filling measures by the weight.

The Bottom Line

If you are enticed by the three different types of juice filling machines by Tech-Long, there’s more you need to know about them. As the top beverage package supplier in China, Tech-Long’s professionalism is both the strength and the reason behind its success. So, if you want to upgrade your machine to one of these amazing juice-filling machines and take advantage of smooth and efficient juice production, contact Tech-Long now!