December 4, 2022

“If the Republican Party had more leaders and fewer cowards at the top who were willing to speak the truth to their voters, this job wouldn’t even exist,” said Mr. Turner.

Mrs. Schulz had raised about $2.5 million by early July — about five times as much as Mr. Cox raised.

But unlike Georgia Governor Brian Kemp, who imported a host of ambitious Republicans seeking some daylight between herself and Mr. Trump among the voters, Ms. Schulz never tried to get her to become a Trumpism referendum.

Campaigning with national Republican figures would have made an already difficult general election that much more difficult, said Doug Mayer, Ms. Schulz’s senior adviser.

“You don’t play to win the primaries, you play to win the General,” said Mr. Mayer. “In Maryland, that’s a very, very, very difficult line to walk.”

The Democratic opponent of Mr. Cox is probably Mr. Moore, a bestselling author and former director of a nonprofit organization. Mr Moore is 35,000 votes ahead of Tom Perez, a former Democratic National Committee chairman. At least 169,000 Democratic absentee votes are yet to be counted, but the number could exceed 300,000: ballots stamped on Tuesday will count as long as they are received by July 29.

On Thursday morning, election officials across Maryland will begin processing the absentee ballots received in the mail and in drop boxes. The count is expected to take several days.

Elizabeth Dias reporting contributed.

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