January 27, 2023

Who is an unlucky duck? Hilarious photos show that people are having a worse day than you


We’ve all had “one of those days” when nothing seems to go right — from your morning coffee in your white shirt to forgetting your keys. But sometimes those mishaps pale in comparison to the misfortunes of others, illustrated in these snaps from around the world collected by Traveler Door. Here Femail shares a selection of photos that will make you feel a little better about your own bad luck.

Daddy killer! The joke was about this American dad after he bought his son a bow and arrow and ended up in the emergency room after their game got a little too real.

You big flirt! We doubt anyone was impressed with this stunt and would recommend a helmet next time before attempting to flip a bike.

Look again! You may mistake this photo for a fun day out at the fair, but if you look closer you can see the tragic scene in the background when a young woman’s swing becomes dangerously loose.

How do you eat your eggs in the morning? distorted! Days before Christmas in the US, this delivery guy had a huge disaster.

Photobomb! Disneyworld is a magical place to get down on one knee, and you’ll want to remember the look on your partner’s face when you ask the question. But stressed-out tourists stood in the way of this perfect proposal.

Sharing is caring! In California, this college student wanted to share a photo of her tasty ice cream on social media, but this greedy seagull saw an opportunity and invaded.

Royal Fail! In the UK, the postal service had to eat humble pie and explain to this resident how their thoughtful delivery ended in disaster, as the window they pushed their parcel through was just above the toilet.

Flaming style! Getting your hair cut at this California salon can be a fire hazard as the stylist uses flames to get the perfect finish.

The beginning of a horror movie! This group of young girls wants to capture the magical moment before going to their prom. However, a sister has other ideas and photobombs them in full haunted clothes.

To another world! This sinkhole in Ottawa, given its depth, could very well lead to a new dimension. We hope no one was in the car when it crashed.