October 5, 2022

Increase the odds! Hilarious moment when pregnant sea otter jumps on surfboard and snaps at owner as he tries to wrestle it back


It’s the hilarious moment when a pregnant sea otter stole a surfboard while on the Pacific Ocean in Southern California. Footage shot by Chad Underhill-Meras earlier this month captures the standoff between a sea otter and his friend Nick ‘Parts’ Ericksen.

The five-minute video begins with the black otter taking first place on the surfer’s prized possession. The surfer seems to be incredibly careful around the sea creature, trying not to force it off his board for fear of being attacked by the possessive creature.

Ericksen saw splashing water at the animal, but that had little effect. Back on land, his surf friends can’t believe what they see and can hear their friend cheering and laughing. “The otter started gnawing and biting the board,” Underhill-Meras said, adding that the sea otter was likely pregnant, based on its size and territorial behavior. At one point, the otter takes a quick dip in the water and then lunges for Ericksen.

He eventually manages to move the board a little closer to the beach, but is chased by the otter to the hilarity of those watching from the shore. Eventually, Erickson comes back ashore and the otter finds other things to occupy her time. “It climbed on and felt at home,” Erickson explained of the incident to CNN. “It’s like a pit bull puppy in a way. It looks cute, but know how dangerous it can be.”

“Apparently this otter has been having these kinds of attacks all week and tried to bite several other people the next day,” Underhill-Meras noted. Posting the video to his Instagram, he joked: “Had a real Monday yesterday.. A pregnant otter stole his surfboard, started gnawing at it and they were deadlocked. At the end he gets a little help getting his board back, is nearly attacked at a few points and then is rushed in like a real local.’ Underhill-Meras also talks about how Ericksen planned to get an otter tattoo, but may be thinking about it now.