February 7, 2023

Philip O’Brien, a spokesman for Con Edison, the city’s electric utility, said Saturday’s peak megawatt consumption in New York City and the nearby county of Westchester was about 10,300, less than this month’s peak of 11,500 megawatts. on Wednesday . That peak itself was lower than in years past, with the record of about 13,300 megawatts set in July 2013.

That decline in usage over time is due in part to more energy-efficient appliances, he said. Of the more than 3.5 million customers, only 27 were out of service by the end of Saturday, a lower number than would be expected “after what we’ve been through this week,” he said.

“It indicates that the system has been strengthened and that it is holding up,” said Mr O’Brien, adding: “We are hopeful that our good performance can continue tomorrow.”

To protect the power grid, New York City officials early residents to consume less energy. Some suggestions included turning the air conditioning to 78 degrees and unplugging appliances such as televisions and computers.

“You can also go to the beach or the pool to keep cool!” said the city on Twitter (although not Rockaway Beach, which was closed on Saturdays after shark sightings).

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