February 9, 2023

If you are on a holiday to NYC, you would wish for a smooth, hassle-free outing that spells relaxation and comfort all the way. Owing to the fact that NYC is indeed one of the busiest cities in the world, having your own vehicle at hand could be wise. If you wish to add a touch of class and so-called “dream-fulfillment” to your vacation, you may rent exotic cars for your period of stay. Exploring this grand city and its outskirts on your dream wheels could be an experience of a different kind!

Renting a High-End Vehicle comes with Loads of Responsibility

If you have the budget for it, heading to an “exotic car rental near me” and picking your choicest vehicle could be fun! What you need to understand, however, is that renting a high-end vehicle comes with loads of responsibilities. Driving in NYC is all about following rules. You have traffic regulations, parking woes, speed restrictions on specified roads that need to be adhered to, cash toll systems, and even something called odor penalty.

The odor penalty is charged when there are suspicious odors detected in your car like smoke odors, cannabis odors, and so on! Keeping the rented vehicle out of legal trouble is essential as the financial repercussions of getting into legal hassles with your luxury rented vehicle could be significant.  Besides the penalties charged by the state, additional charges may also be levied by the provider for exotic car rental in Elizabeth, NJ!

We attempt an understanding of the different odors emanating from car interiors and what they could possibly mean, for additional safety.

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Car Odors and their Causes

The Pungent Burnt Smell: If the interiors of your vehicle smell of the burnt carpet, it could mean an issue with the brakes. If it’s like burnt rubber, the engine hoses or belts could be responsible. And if it’s burnt metal, the clutch could be the culprit. Most high-end rented vehicles will be maintained in top form and tested thoroughly before the keys are handed over to you! Still, it is better to be vigilant.

The “Oil-Fryer” like Smell: This smell may be attributed to oil leaks. You need to check the level of oil with a dipstick and also check under the car for any proof of leakage. It could also be possible that the valve cover or the oil crank-shank has been damaged.

The Maple-Syrup like Smell: Coolant leakage can result in a “maple syrup” like smell. Also, if the coolant is indeed leaking, cooling will be compromised within the interiors of the car. That would be a signal in itself. Sometimes, the head gasket may also be causing the coolant to leak. Check for a milky white substance underneath.

When you consider high-end and choose to rent a BMW or something in a similar category in NYC, ideally, none of these issues are likely to arise. However, it is always advisable to keep informed.