January 31, 2023

The activities that we do in our free time, shift and change over the years. As hobbies that were once popular back in the day fade and make way for other activities, it’s interesting to see how our attention fluctuates and changes depending on different factors.

This year, many new hobbies have become very popular in varying demographics. Be it a new phenomenon among millennials, or something that more senior people are taking up, here’s a look at some of the fastest-growing hobbies of the year.


The iGaming sector was on a steady incline for many years. However, its popularity has soared in recent years and has now become a mainstream entertainment option.

Being a digital alterative to casinos, iGaming first shot to fame during lockdown, when people were forbidden to go to these establishments in person. Instead, people continued to gamble on some of the best online platforms, be it based in this country or top-rated Aussie online casino.

From here, iGaming has continued to flourish and used the revenue it got during the pandemic to continue to market itself for the mainstream successfully. Today, many professional sports teams are sponsored by iGaming businesses, legitimizing it and helping it to grow to become a massive hobby this year.

Keeping Plants 

There’s been a green revolution in our living spaces, and it’s showing no signs of slowing down. Emerging over the last few years like a stem sprouting from a seedling, people seem to be obsessed with collecting and looking over a variety of plants, especially those within the 18-35 demographic.

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This activity is very beneficial, making the house look more appealing, and having plants purify the air can also create a more calming environment.

If you’re new to plants, be sure to start by looking after easy plants, as you don’t want to be put off by having your first plant die on you! Once you have experience with easy-to-care for plants, you can move on to the thrilling challenge of owning a hard-to-look-after plant!


This is another hobby that’s been accelerated because of the pandemic; many people have now turned to spin classes as their main form of exercise class.

During the pandemic, many people tried to get their gym fix by creating an at-home exercise set-up, and for many people, that set-up involved a Peloton bike.

These exercise bikes had an innovative feature where you could join live spin classes remotely – thus, a new trend was born. Now that gyms are back open, they’ve seen a massive uptake of people engaging in this tough but beneficial exercise class.


Watching the hobbies that come in and out of fashion over the years is really fascinating as it can help show a lot about society at any given moment in time.

The hobbies and activities that many people occupy themselves with in 2022 are interesting, and they’re also really good and fun activities that should stand the test of time!