February 9, 2023

Divorce becomes inevitable sometimes, and it might be the right decision. This does not mean, however, that divorce is an easy decision; for most people, it is a time when their lives are turned upside down. your entire life, as you know it, may change over a very short span of time. This makes it very uncertain, not to mention a frightening experience for a lot of people. Here are a few of the scary facts about divorce that you probably didn’t know about.


Living Together Before Marriage Might Increase The Chances Of Divorce


Cases where couples stay together without getting married are increasing, just as much as couples getting married at a later stage of their lives. Most couples live together before getting married, treating it as a practice run to see if they are compatible.

This might sound like a great idea, but the reality is the chances for divorce are much higher for people who live together for a certain period before getting married. 

This is because people who move in together sometimes don’t have a solid plan for their relationship. These couples sometimes end up getting married, something they might not have done if they didn’t live together. This leads to lower levels of marital satisfaction and a higher chance of divorce.

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Marriages Might Be Shorter Than You Think


While couples promise to be together till death parts them during their wedding vows, for the most part, this goal doesn’t exactly get achieved. Usually, the marriages that end in divorce last up to around eight years.

Usually, this is the common time when the honeymoon phase usually lasts. So most couples usually are done with the big decisions by this point, such as buying a house or having children.

This is also the typical time when couples will be able to identify their issues and try to work on them. If they haven’t been able to make things work, this is about the time you will realize that they are beyond fixing.


The First Divorce Might Occur At A Young Age


People now live longer due to a healthier lifestyle and better medical facilities. This has also enabled many people to get married multiple times. Many people also put off getting married till later, but the average age at which people are getting divorced for the first time still remains at 30.

The twenties is usually the time for growth and change for most people. So couples who get married in their 20s tend to figure out that they want different things in life, and this happens typically by the time they reach their 30s.

This is usually when they get divorced to end their first marriage and go their own separate ways. It might also be that by the time the couples reach their 30s, they discover that they have evolved and want to head in different directions.

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Are The Parents Happily Married


The likelihood that your marriage will end in a divorce goes down a lot if your parents had a happy marriage. According to statistics, you are more encouraged to make a marriage work by seeing ways it can be done, and also seeing that it is very much a possibility in the first place.

It is a given that sustaining a marriage isn’t a walk in the park. But it will certainly help when you see examples of how it can be done, and how to push forward despite dealing with conflict. People who had happily married parents had first-hand education during their childhood on how to be happy in their marriage.


Getting Divorced Has Some Health Risks


You may think that staying in a bad marriage may be bad for your mental health, but the fact is, going through a divorce can have some pretty negative impacts on your physical health. Men are known to have a higher risk of heart disease, hypertension, and even cancer. 

There are also instances of substance abuse, depression, and obesity going up after getting a divorce. Some studies have even mentioned that attempting to commit suicide has risen eight times more in men after they have been through a divorce. This might lead you to wonder, do men cheat more than women? Now that is a whole different discussion altogether.

So, no matter how challenging the times are, you need to take proper care of yourself while going through a divorce or after getting it.


The Children Are At Risk Too


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When it comes to developing health issues after divorce, parents are not the only ones that are affected. Children often develop depression and other related mental health problems when their parents divorce. And the worst part is that these often manifest physically as well.

Studies have shown that children who live with both their parents are physically and mentally healthier than those who belong to a broken family. This makes children the most vulnerable aspect of divorce. So be sure to look after your kids, as this is a very tough time for them too.


Women File For Divorce More


Interestingly, women file about two-thirds of divorces in the US. The numbers have changed over the last few years, but it has mostly remained around 70 percent.

The reason for this is a big topic for debate. But most common reasons such as custody and economic factors have come up. Others would attribute it more to the changing norms regarding gender and social conventions. 


Summing Up

Divorce is a nerve-wracking ordeal, no matter how prepared you are for it. And some facts actually make it scarier. Hope you got to know a few stats and facts about divorce from this article which has made your comprehension a bit better. Now how you use this information is up to you. You can decide if you want to go with legal separation or settle for a divorce. Best of luck!