February 7, 2023

Since motorcycles are smaller than passenger vehicles, they may be trickier to see on the road. This could result in multiple accidents. When driving, you must be cautious about the safety of other road users, including motorists and pedestrians. During your driving lessons, your instructor will recommend safety tips to prevent accidents. Here are some ways you can safely drive on the road with motorcyclists:

Check Your Car’s Blind Spots

Blind spots may prevent you from seeing riders using your side mirrors which can cause collisions. Before changing lanes or turning, you should visually check motorcycles in your car’s blind spots. Confirming that the road is clear will help you avoid accidents when driving.

Turn your head briefly to check for motorcyclists in areas where your mirrors will not show. This practice is useful in the following instances:

  • Getting out of parking spots
  • When driving off
  • At intersections and when merging roads
  • Moving off after a red-light stop
  • Changing lanes
  • Overtaking

Use Turn Signals

Turning recklessly endangers the safety of other road users. Driving instructors will insist on using turn signals when you plan to turn, change lanes or overtake. Using turn signals will help other road users, including motorcyclists, to interpret what you are trying to do. This will enable them to make correct driving decisions that can help prevent collisions.

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Use indicators on your car appropriately when turning or branching off one road or lane onto another. You should apply hand signals where possible to improve communication between you and other motorists.

Maintain a Safe Distance When Tailing Motorcyclists

Trailing a motorcycle or truck can prove risky, so you should maintain adequate breathing room. Keeping a safe distance will help prevent collisions, protecting lives.

The safe distance offers enough room to brake or slow down, depending on the rider’s speed. If you intend on passing the rider, alert them by honking and maintain distance when going past them.

Avoid Distractions When Driving

Distractions like using your phone or watching scenery along the road can take your focus away. You should avoid distractions at all costs and instead focus on driving to verify everyone’s safety.

Maintaining focus allows you to stick to your lane and adhere to traffic laws when driving. You will see what other motorists are doing on the road and try evading any possible accident scenario. Avoiding distractions helps you note riders and drive in a manner that does not endanger their safety.

Maintain Road Courtesy

Road rage and violence on the roads can increase the chances of causing accidents. While other road users may annoy you, try to remain as calm as possible and maintain road etiquette.

Proper road courtesy allows you to allow other motorists way when they need to pass or overtake. You should avoid cutting riders off in traffic and instead try to let them have their way. Keep your cool and be friendly to other drivers when behind the wheel.

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Exercise Caution in Bad Weather

Bad weather is a common cause of road accidents. Wet and icy roads reduce your car’s traction, so braking is not as effective as in dry weather. This may cause you to rear-end other motorists if you trail them too closely.

Driving instructors recommend being cautious when driving in bad weather. Maintain a safe distance and drive slowly in unfavorable driving conditions to avoid collisions. Check out for other road users and avoid applying emergency brakes in such conditions. Use your fog lights when driving in low visibility to help other motorists see your car.

Avoid Using a High Beam

Many drivers like driving with a high beam because they see the road ahead clearly. Motorists coming from oncoming traffic suffer from the glare, affecting their ability to see ahead.

Turn off your high beams when you notice oncoming traffic. You can avoid using a high beam when trailing a motorcycle since it affects their ability to use the side mirrors.

Sign Up for Driving Lessons

Learning to drive comes with responsibility. You will need to take care of yourself and other road users. Maintaining proper road etiquette and adhering to traffic rules can help prevent collisions with motorcyclists. Enroll in a reputable driving school for state-approved driving lessons to become a competent driver.