February 4, 2023

Cesar Millan came into contact with an officer in Redondo Beach, California on Tuesday.

The professional dog trainer, 52, was stopped by an officer after bringing his four dogs onto a pier, where canines are not allowed under city ordinance.

After being approached by law enforcement, the “dog whisperer” obeyed and was only given a warning, according to an Instagram post from RBPD.

Oops: Cesar Millan ran into a cop in Redondo Beach on Tuesday after taking dogs to a pier where they weren’t allowed

Police took the incident as an opportunity to tell her 20,000 followers what not to do in Redondo.

“We would like to take this opportunity to remind you that dogs are not allowed on the Redondo Beach Pier!” read the message.

It accompanied a photo of the trainer smiling next to an officer while holding up a peace sign.

The caption continued: “Cesar was cautioned and promptly complied with the law banning dogs on the pier. Thanks for your understanding sir!’

Entrepreneur: Cesar is a bestselling author and earlier this year he launched a hi-tech collar for dogs

Cesar, who regularly works with celebrities and their pets, wore a gray hooded sweatshirt that read “Human Nation” in white letters.

He paired it with black joggers and completed the look with black Nike sneakers with a white-yellow sole.

The post received over a thousand likes and fans took to the comments to show their excitement.

One user of the app wrote: ‘Whaaaaaaaa?!?!? When?!?!?! Damn, I missed this man, my favorite!!!!!!!’

And another joined in to add, “Very cool! I love the dog whisperer, Cesar Milan!’

Cesar immigrated illegally to the United States from Mexico at age 21 and later became a citizen in 2009.

He began his journey into American life as a dog groomer and eventually started an academy called Training Cesar’s Way.

After amassing a large number of prominent clients, he starred in the reality series The Dog Whisperer, which showcased his use of “quiet assertive energy” to train dogs.

Success Story: When he moved from Mexico, Millan worked as a dog groomer and eventually started an academy called Training Cesar’s Way