March 30, 2023

Democratic strategist and Clinton adviser James Carville is warning his party against laser-focusing on abortion ahead of November’s midterm elections.

“A lot of these advisors think that if we just run abortion spots, we’ll win. I don’t think so,” the famous strategist told the Associated Press. ‘It’s a good issue. But if you’re just sitting there and they’re plotting your crime and beating your living expenses, you’ve got to be more aggressive than just yelling the other words abortion.”

Democrats had hoped that the overthrow of Roe v. Wade would provide them with a political boon in the midterm elections, where they would prefer to lose the House and could potentially lose the Senate.

Democrats are counting on the Supreme Court to overthrow Roe v. Wade and offer them a political boon to turn the tide.

Democratic candidates, the party’s campaign arm, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) and affiliated super PACS have spent more than $18 million broadcasting more than 100 abortion-focused TC ads in four dozen battlefield regions, according to data from media tracking company AdImpact obtained by Politics.

That amount is three times what Democrats spent on abortion ads during the entire 2018 general election.

Democratic strategist and Clinton adviser James Carville warns his party against laser focus on abortion ahead of November midterm elections

At least seven super PACS have focused their message on abortion rights, as has the DCCC. According to AdImpact, outside groups have spent more than 40 percent of their total TV spend on abortion ads.

The ads largely portray Republicans as extremists who want to take away half of the country’s rights, while Republicans shun the matter and focus on crime, inflation and the border.

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Other strategists agreed that abortion alone will not help Democrats retain power.

“Abortion is probably Democrats’ best chance in decades to build a new electoral coalition, and I’m excited to see them finally discover their voice on the issue,” Democratic strategist Max Burns told DailyMail. com. “But Carville is also right that we need to talk about abortion and other kitchen table issues as well. Abortion is a winning problem for Democrats, but it can’t be the only problem.”

GOP strategist Ken Spain was even less convinced that abortion could affect the election.

‘Inflation and the economy will be the main themes of the elections. Aggressive reports on the abortion issue could potentially help Democrats cut losses in some races, but are unlikely to change the course of the election,” Spain told

Even Senator Bernie Sanders said the Democrats could be making a mistake by taking the issue too hard.

As we enter the final weeks of the 2022 midterm elections, I am alarmed to hear the advice many Democratic candidates are receiving from established advisers and directors of well-funded Super Pacs that the Democrats’ closing argument should focus only on abortion. . Cut the 30-second abortion ads and kiss to victory,” he wrote in a column for the guard.

‘I do not agree.

“In my opinion, while the abortion issue should remain at the forefront, it would be political malpractice for Democrats to ignore the state of the economy and leave Republican lies and distortions unanswered.”

Republicans have continued a steady stream of attacks on Biden’s economic record.

They point to inflation and the high gas price, while trying to tell voters they can do better in the kind of pocketbooks that often decide elections.

They got some good news last week when the oil alliance OPEC+ moved to keep prices high by cutting production, immediately pushing US gas prices higher — despite Biden’s efforts to win the crown prince of Saudi Arabia. to win.

A recent strategy memo written for the Republican National Committee outlines how the Democrats are playing into their hands.

“Democrats and the national media are determined to try and make abortion the pinnacle of midterm elections, but the media is not on our side, and we are not answering to them but to the voters,” the analysis said. Tarrance Group. .

“Voters have made it clear that these elections are largely about the economy and crime.”

In poll By order of the National Republican Congressional Committee in August and September, voters in 68 of 69 counties said the economy and inflation combined were more important than abortion rights to them. Inflation was the main problem at 25 percent, followed by abortion at 12 percent.

But in Democratic polls, abortion was indeed the top issue at 25 percent, a sign that their advertising could pay off by motivating the grassroots to vote halfway through a year.