March 24, 2023

Music lovers have descended on Vienna’s Musikveren building for a dazzling extravaganza of music and dance.

The Vienna Philharmonic Ball, in its 80th anniversary, was held last night in the Austrian capital and was attended by hundreds of guests dressed in all their finery, with some famous faces in the crowd.

Spanish tenor Plácido Domingo appeared in a tuxedo alongside Russian-Austrian soprano Anna Netrebko, who wore a stunning beaded floor-length ruby ​​red gown. Meanwhile, dancers decked out the ballroom in a sea of ​​monochrome as they waltzed the night away in white debutante gowns and black tuxedos.

Domingo’s appearance at the 80th event comes as he faces a new accusation of sexual harassment from an anonymous Spanish woman who claims he asked to touch her after a performance. Domingo has not admitted to any wrongdoing.

Music lovers and dazzling debutantes flocked to the Musikverein building in Vienna, Austria last night for the Philharmonic’s 80th annual ball. Spanish tenor Plácido Domingo, who is facing a new accusation of sexual harassment, performed alongside Anna Netrebko. Domingo has not admitted any crime

The anonymous woman spoke on the Spanish television channel La Sexta, where she claimed that he asked her during a rehearsal: “Listen, can I put my hand in one of these beautiful pockets of yours?”

The accuser added: ‘He was wearing trousers with an embroidered back pocket.

The Debutantes Dressed In Stunning White Gowns While The Men Donned Black And White Tuxedos In A Sea Of ​​Monochromatics.

The debutantes dressed in stunning white gowns while the men donned black and white tuxedos in a sea of ​​monochromatics.

‘I had a bad stomach because I thought, ‘what can I say to (Domingo) to continue as normal?’

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“If I say no, there will be consequences and if I say yes, I don’t even want to think about it.”

The Three Tenors opera singer’s career was first rocked three years ago by similar allegations.

Domingo performed alongside Netrebko last night despite the claims against him as the dancers waltzed around the ballroom.

At the piano was the Austrian opera singer and pianist Robert Werner.

Plácido Domingo Attended The Ball Where He Performed With The Russian-Austrian Soprano Anna Netrebko

Plácido Domingo attended the ball where he performed with the Russian-Austrian soprano Anna Netrebko

Domingo Wore A Tuxedo And Tails, While The Russian-Austrian Opera Singer Wore A Floor-Length Gown As Per The Dress Code.

Domingo wore a tuxedo and tails, while the Russian-Austrian opera singer wore a floor-length gown as per the dress code.

The Three Tenors Opera Singer Appeared In Deep Conversation With Netrebko, Who Styled Her Dark Brunette Locks Into A Sleek Updo.

The Three Tenors opera singer appeared in deep conversation with Netrebko, who styled her dark brunette locks into a sleek updo.

Anna Netrebko Accessorized Her Stunning Dress With A Red And Black Clutch On Her Wrist, Dangling Ruby ​​Earrings And A Statement Ring.

Anna Netrebko accessorized her stunning dress with a red and black clutch on her wrist, dangling ruby ​​earrings and a statement ring.

Anna Netrebko (Pictured) Stole The Show In A Dazzling Floor-Length Ruby ​​Red Gown Amidst A Monochrome Sea.

Anna Netrebko (pictured) stole the show in a dazzling floor-length ruby ​​red gown amidst a monochrome sea.

The Russian-Austrian Opera Singer'S Red Dress Was Embellished With Sparkling Beads And Sequins.

The Russian-Austrian opera singer’s red dress was embellished with sparkling beads and sequins.

The Debutantes Sported Stunning Floor-Length White Gowns As They Took To The Ballroom Dance Floor.

The debutantes sported stunning floor-length white gowns as they took to the ballroom dance floor.

Austrian Actor Tobias Moretti And His Wife Julia Moretti Attended The Event And Were Photographed Dancing Together.

Austrian actor Tobias Moretti and his wife Julia Moretti attended the event and were photographed dancing together.

One Couple Was Photographed Waltzing In Near-Perfect Frames As They Moved Across The Dance Floor.

One couple was photographed waltzing in near-perfect frames as they moved across the dance floor.

As The Debutantes Finished Their Routine, Many Knelt On The Floor As A Young Dancer Rose To His Feet.

As the debutantes finished their routine, many knelt on the floor as a young dancer rose to his feet.

The Center Dancer Smiled As Her Dance Partner Lifted Her Up And Leaned On Her Shoulders While Holding Her Corsage.

The center dancer smiled as her dance partner lifted her up and leaned on her shoulders while holding her corsage.

The Debutantes Performed A Synchronized Routine In Which Their Dance Partners Spun Them Around.

The debutantes performed a synchronized routine in which their dance partners spun them around.

The Debutantes Held On Tight To Their Partners As They Waltzed Across The Dance Floor Throughout The Night.

The debutantes held on tight to their partners as they waltzed across the dance floor throughout the night.

Do Not Let Him Fall!  The Orchestra'S Instruments Are Passed Around The Dance Floor After The Opening Performance.

Do not let him fall! The orchestra’s instruments are passed around the dance floor after the opening performance.

The Crews Worked Incredibly Carefully To Put Away The Heavy Instruments After The Opening Performance.

The crews worked incredibly carefully to put away the heavy instruments after the opening performance.

A Crew Stationed Below The Dance Floor Was On Hand To Take The Heavy Instruments As They Were Passed Around.

A crew stationed below the dance floor was on hand to take the heavy instruments as they were passed around.

The Music Stands And Instruments Were Placed Back In The Pit After The Opening Performance As The Dancers Stepped To The Side.

The music stands and instruments were placed back in the pit after the opening performance as the dancers stepped to the side.

The Orchestra Performing During The Opening Ceremony Of The 80Th Vienna Philharmonic Ball Under The Direction Of The Conductor

The orchestra performing during the opening ceremony of the 80th Vienna Philharmonic Ball under the direction of the conductor

A High Shot Of The Ballroom Shows Guests Descending On The Dance Floor After The Debutantes' Performance.

A high shot of the ballroom shows guests descending on the dance floor after the debutantes’ performance.

Roberto Werner

Roberto Werner

Austrian opera singer and pianist Robert Werner performed at the Musikverein in Vienna to commemorate the 80th Philharmonic Ball

The Opera Singer Joined Revelers, Debutantes And Other Performers In The Evening.

The opera singer joined revelers, debutantes and other performers in the evening.