January 27, 2023

Every day, the carpets become dirty due to several reasons. From dirty shoes to moisture, many things contribute to the contamination of a carpet. The life of the floor cover reduces because of these contaminants. Usually, people rely on DIY hacks to maintain the carpet and neglect paying a fee to professionals. But, untrained and uninformed people make several carpet cleaning Adelaide mistakes.  Have a look at the cleaning mistakes that you should avoid to maintain a carpet for long:

The stains left by beverages, urine, vomit spills and inks can become permanent if not removed on time. In both commercial and residential settings, the formation of stains spoils the carpet. It is necessary to eliminate the spots because they become hard and dark over time. To break the bond between the stain particles and carpet strands, it is crucial to apply suitable products in the perfect quantity.

To get rid of the stains, you should always hire carpet cleaning experts. They have all the products and can clean delicate materials with ease. The specialists are also well-versed with modern techniques such as steam cleaning and dry cleaning. By inspecting the condition of the carpet, they can prepare a solid cleaning plan. The risk of permanent damage diminishes when an expert cleans the carpet.

  • Using Shampoo in Excess Quantity

The threads of your luxurious carpets are quite delicate. Use of harsh chemicals in excess quantity is hazardous to the threads. Sometimes, shampoo sticks to the carpet and hardens on the surface. The shine reduces and ripples are formed on the carpet when the shampooing technique goes wrong. To prevent damage from the cleaning agents, it is better to ask professionals to clean the carpet.

  • Scrubbing the Carpet Harshly
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Removing the stains forcefully with a scrub can be harmful to the carpet. When you clean the stains, it is better to dab a wet cloth on the carpet. Too much scrubbing can infuse the stains particles into the threads. Be careful when you try to remove the spots with a scrubber.

Carpets are subjected to wear and tear on daily basis. But, carpet repair Adelaide services like patching and sewing can help in increasing the life of the carpet. Tiny holes on the carpet can exist due to multiple reasons like scratching, dragging of heavy objects and sharp items. Sometimes, pests also make holes in the carpet. If you don’t pay attention to these holes, they become too big and irreparable.

  • Using Lots of Water for Carpet Cleaning

Mould and bacteria can spoil the carpet within a few months. These issues arise on a wet carpet. It is advisable to use minimal water during the carpet cleaning process otherwise fungi and bacteria will develop. When people don’t enough knowledge about cleaning, they use lots of water to rinse the carpet. This mistake ruins the carpet completely.

On the other hand, the experts know various techniques like dry cleaning and steam cleaning method that require minimum usage of water. The cleaners also know various ways to dry the carpet quickly. So, seek help from cleaners to avoid the adverse effects of excessive water.

Not cleaning the carpet with a vacuum cleaner can be a mistake. It is impossible to maintain a carpet without vacuuming. Too many dust particles on the carpet snatch away the shine and colour. The health gets affected due to dust particles and the carpet becomes unsuitable for use. To prevent long-lasting damage by the dust particles, regular vacuuming can be beneficial.

  • Installing the Carpet in Damp Places
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Carpets in the kitchen, bathroom and basements are more prone to water damage. To ensure the prolonged life of the carpet, it is best to avoid the installation of carpets in such places.


Carpets are costly. It is not possible to buy them every year. Unfortunately, people use some DIY hacks and try to remove the stains, moulds and odours from the carpet. The outcome is never satisfactory when people don’t know much about cleaning techniques. If you want the same carpet to enhance the beauty of your living room for years, do take care of the tips mentioned above.