February 7, 2023

Heroic Chinese grandmother dives into septic tank to save her grandson after little boy lifts canopy and falls into it


This is when a heroic Chinese grandmother jumped into a septic tank of raw sewage to rescue her grandson who had fallen in.

A CCTV camera captured the astonishing rescue, which came after the boy lifted the lid off the tank before stepping over the hole and falling into the sewer.

Fortunately, a woman – who is reported to be his grandmother, according to local media – saw her grandson disappear in the feces and – without hesitation – jumped foot first into the mud in the tank in Fuyang, China’s Anhui province. Seconds later, she pushed the cub to the surface where passers-by pulled him out of the tank covered in mud. The footage also shows his grandmother being pulled from the sewer by passers-by before turning her grandson upside down to encourage him to cough the gunk out of his lungs.

Local media reported that with the help of other passers-by, both grandmother and child survived the incident, shocked but otherwise unharmed. According to a nearby businessman, the top of the septic tank originally had a manhole cover. But since it was crushed by a truck a few years ago, it has always been covered with wooden planks, which were lifted by the curious boy.

The footage shows him lifting the temporary lid and stepping over the now-exposed hole before diving in. The young boy completely disappears into the hole and below the surface of the tank’s contents. Seconds later, the woman is shown sprinting to the hole and bravely leaps and jumps after the boy. The video was shared by a man identified as Mr. Li, who said he checked CCTV after learning about the incident. He was shocked by what had happened and was impressed by the grandmother’s courage to save her grandson without thinking about herself.

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