January 31, 2023

China’s new ambassador to Australia has warned that Beijing will take Taiwan by any means necessary as he stated that the island is not independent and will always be part of the People’s Republic of China.

Xiao Qian told the National Press Club on Wednesday that the communist powerhouse “will not renounce the use of force and we reserve the right to take all necessary measures.”

Xiao was asked to allay Australians’ “concerns” about the “prospect of a Chinese invasion of Taiwan” and what would justify “the use of force across the strait.”

In response, the ambassador said that China… ‘ready’ to use all necessary force to ‘reunite Taiwan’ with the mainland.

“First, I’d rather not use the word ‘invasion’ when talking about China and Taiwan,” he said.

“Taiwan is unlike any other scenario or situation.

‘Taiwan is not an independent state. Taiwan is a province of the People’s Republic of China.

“It’s a matter of full reunification and the question of Taiwan returning to the motherland.”

China’s ambassador Xiao Qian (pictured) said they are ready to “use whatever means necessary” to reunite Taiwan with its motherland if necessary.

Mr Xiao said China had waited “so patiently” to be reunited with Taiwan and urged the National Press Club to use their “fantasy” about what the global superpower could do.

“That’s one of the reasons why China has been so patient for decades. We are waiting. We are waiting for a peaceful unification. But we can’t – we can never rule out the option of using other means … if we are forced to do so, we are willing to deploy whatever means necessary,” he said.

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“What does ‘all necessary’ mean?” You can use your imagination.’

Xiao was then asked to answer “yes or no” to the question of whether China had plans to “re-educate” Taiwan’s 23 million residents.

‘Can you confirm with yes or no – is that policy of the Chinese government? Will China re-educate the Taiwanese people to change their mind about the Chinese Communist Party?

“It’s reasonable for us to understand that their perspective on China, their perspective on their motherland, may think a little differently,” he replied.

“I think I personally understand that once Taiwan is reunited and returns to the motherland, maybe there will be a process for the people of Taiwan to get a correct understanding from China about the motherland.”

China has been criticized worldwide for its re-education camps in Xinjiang province.

The camps, first set up in 2017, have been used to indoctrinate Uyghurs and Muslims, and horror stories of abuse and human rights violations have emerged.

Despite that, Mr Xiao said “the last thing” China wanted to do was use force.

(Pictured) Uyghur detainees at a camp in Lop County, Xinjiang, in April 2017

Xi Jinping (pictured) delivered a speech in 2019 committing himself to “reunifying” Taiwan and saying he would use force if necessary

Earlier in his press club speech, Mr. Xiao that China supported improvements to the current international order, but that it would never try to start a new one.

“In the past more than 40 years of reform and opening up to the outside world, there have been tremendous changes in China,” he said.

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“China’s comprehensive national position has improved significantly, but China’s diplomatic philosophy and foreign policy remain unchanged.

“China supports the necessary reform and improvement of the current international order and system, but China never tries to start a new one.”

Earlier this month, China stated it would hold a massive series of war games around Taiwan, starting on August 2 and lasting until August 8.

Nancy Pelosi (left) meets with Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen (right) in Taipei on Aug. 3, in a move that sparked anger in Beijing

The military exercises blocked the island from the outside world and penetrated its territorial waters, involving ground, air and naval forces in target practice in what was the greatest threat to Taiwan’s independence in decades.

The increased aggression from Beijing was sparked by US President Nancy Pelosi – the third highest ranking politician in America – who provocatively visited the island on August 3.

Chinese anti-aircraft batteries participate in military exercises to intimidate Taiwan

Xiao called the exercises a “legitimate and justified” response to Ms. Pelosi’s visit for violating China’s territorial integrity.

“This is a response to the provocations from the US side, from the separatist movements on the island of Taiwan, and the response is legitimate,” he said.

He also said that China continues to seek a stable and cooperative relationship with Australia.

“However China develops now or in the future, China will never aspire to hegemony or sphere of influence. The development of relations between China and Australia is at a critical juncture,” the Chinese ambassador said.

“China’s policy of friendship and cooperation with Australia remains unchanged. And an objective and rational goal of Australia towards China and a positive and pragmatic policy towards China are fundamental to a long-term stable and predictable partnership between China and Australia.”

Speaking at the National Press Club on Wednesday about Taiwan’s reunification with China, Xiao Qian said: “If necessary, we are ready to deploy all necessary resources. Like what? You can use your imagination’

However, Xiao said it was unlikely that the Chinese president would meet Prime Minister Anthony Albanese on the sidelines of the G20 meeting in Bali later this year.

‘If you talk bad about me, why should I meet you? You publicly humiliated me, why would I meet you to be humiliated face-to-face again?” he said.

“Once we have a high-level meeting, we hope it will help develop a more positive relationship rather than deteriorating it.”