February 4, 2023

A new surveillance video shows the horrific moment when a Brazilian male model hit a 16-year-old boy and severed part of his leg.

Shot from a condominium across a beach in Rio de Janeiro’s Barra de Tijuca neighborhood, the footage shows João Cardim crossing the street with his mother, Mariana Cardim, last Saturday.

João Cardim is running to the sidewalk when Bruno Krupp suddenly crashes into the teenager with his motorcycle, causing him to fall off his feet.

Krupp, who does not have a motorcycle license, continues to race down the street and at one point falls to the ground.


A surveillance video released Friday shows the moment when Brazilian model Bruno Krupp (pictured) ran over 16-year-old João Cardim in Rio de Janeiro on Saturday night. Cardim died that night at a local hospital. Krupp, 25, is now charged with manslaughter. He underwent surgery on a broken collarbone on Wednesday, calling the incident an ‘accident’

Brazilian 16-year-old João Cardim (right) was walking with his mother, Mariana Cardim (left), to a beach in the Barra de Tijuca neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro last Saturday evening when he was run over by Bruno Krupp, a Brazilian. model who rode a motorcycle without a driver’s license. The teenager lost part of his leg in the accident and was rushed to a local hospital where he died

Still image from a surveillance camera video shows the moment João Cardim runs to the sidewalk before being hit by a motorcycle driven by Brazilian model Bruno Krupp, an unlicensed motorist

The impact of the accident tore part of João Cardim’s left leg and was recovered from a lawn near the entrance to the beach where he and his mother planned to walk before returning to their home after attending a birthday party.

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Cardim was rushed to Lourenco Jorge Municipal Hospital, where he died shortly after.

Krupp was hospitalized in the same medical facility and was released on Sunday.

However, the social media influencer was admitted on Wednesday for surgery at a hospital in Rio de Janeiro’s Méier neighborhood and was arrested after a judge issued a warrant for his arrest accusing him of murder.

Brazilian 16-year-old João Cardim spotted on camera walking with his mother, Mariana Cardim, before being trapped by speeding motorcyclist, Bruno Krupp

Still image from a video statement by Brazilian model Bruno Krupp, just before surgery at a hospital in Rio de Janeiro on Wednesday. Krupp was riding his motorcycle without a license and ran over 16-year-old João Cardim, who died in a hospital shortly after Saturday’s accident. “I didn’t drink, I didn’t do drugs. It was an accident, guys,” he said

Krupp, who underwent surgery to repair a collarbone fracture, released a recorded video statement from his hospital bed before the operation, which revealed that it was an ‘accident’ on his part and that he was mistreated by Lourenco’s medical staff. Jorge Municipal Hospital while he waited to be treated.

“I was taken by ambulance, I didn’t run from the hospital, I didn’t run from the doctors,” Krupp said in Portuguese. “I was dying in the hospital, the staff treated me badly, beat me on the gurney in the hallway, called me a murderer, as if I had done something wrong.”

The model dismissed rumors that he had a disability while riding the motorcycle.

“I didn’t drink, I didn’t do drugs. It was an accident, guys,” Krupp said.

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Krupp was stopped by traffic police just three days before the fatal crash. He refused a breath analysis and was charged with driving without a license and for driving a vehicle without number plates.

Residents and police surround the motorcycle that Brazilian model Bruno Krupp was riding when he hit and killed a teenager in Rio de Janeiro last Saturday. Brazilian channel TV Globo reported on Thursday that Krupp had failed a driving test required to obtain a motorcycle license.

Still image from a surveillance camera released Friday shows a crowd around 16-year-old João Cardim after he was hit by a motorcycle driven by Brazilian model Bruno Krupp last Saturday.

He bought the bike in May, but failed a road test, Brazilian broadcaster TV Globo reported.

Before surgery on Wednesday, Krupp told his lawyer, William Pena, that the motorcycle’s brakes gave out as he approached Cardim.

“There was no cheating. No one leaves the house to kill someone by being run over,” Pena told reporters on Thursday. “’Oh, I’m going to hit someone on the corner’. There is a certain exaggeration with everything they publish.”

But Krupp would have been speeding, over 90 miles per hour before hitting the teen.

Security cameras at several businesses on Lúcio Costa Avenue showed speeding violations in the left lane.

‘He is well-known, he spends every weekend here. Those noisy engines, they fly by here, sometimes they pass here, and if we look at it, it’s already far away,” a newsagent who saw the accident on Saturday told Globo.