March 29, 2023

Dragon Age: Dreadwolf will probably have to wait a while, although the game is already playable from start to finish. However, for gamers who can’t wait, Netflix now has the cure. After all, the streaming platform has swung the first trailer of Dragon Age: Absolution online. And it looks fat.

The new series will go live on December 9 and will tell its story in 6 episodes of 30 minutes. The first trailer above introduces us to Miriam, an elf mercenary, who spent her childhood as a slave but is now given the chance to decide her own destiny. For example, the young lady joins a group of seasoned adventurers to steal a magical relic driven by blood magic. Although there are of course also privateers on the coast.

The series was put together by Red Dog Culture House studio and developer BioWare, so don’t worry about the lore. And maybe we’ll see the characters again in Dragon Age: Dreadwolf? Who knows…

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