March 29, 2023

An Australian has questioned the legality of Dare’s latest iced coffee range, noting the supercharged ‘smoko’ staple left him “trembling with fear”.

Russ from Newcastle, known as Russ Eats, declared ‘Intense Espresso’ the ‘ultimate boss’ of a traditional stomach in a hilarious video.

The milk has 260 mg of caffeine – equivalent to 3.25 shots of coffee or 812 ml of Red Bull.

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Russ Eats has reviewed Dare’s new Intense Espresso coffee – saying it could ‘walk right through you’ and noting it’s the ‘boss’ of traditional smoko breaks

‘This is the final boss. Boss level. If you can get this with a cigarette and don’t drink yourself before smoko, you’ll be kicked out of your apprenticeship,’ said the chemical engineer.

“It’s the highest caffeine content of any beverage on the Australian market,” he said before taking a sip.

He gave the iced coffee 8/10 for taste and 4/10 for the pain it could cause.

‘It’s delicious… that’s what’s dangerous about it. It’s like cocktails, they taste good and then you end up being cursed,” he added.

The video review has been viewed over 400,000 times and it seemed that Russ’ fans were as scared of the drink as they were impressed that it hit the shelves.

“Unfortunately, I need a review of the mail damage on this one,” said one man.

‘Oh, no way. This is cooked, another tradition added, tagging friends.

While the ‘dangerous’ element was attractive to others.

‘I’m excited to buy one from Woolies… open it when I get to the car. And play a dangerous game of chicken with myself as I race home trying not to tease myself… what a time to be alive,’ one man said.

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Another noted that he tried and would not be ‘fast tracked through his apprenticeship’.

He questioned the legality of the drink – which has 52mg of caffeine per serving. 100 ml

“Had one, don’t know if I drank it or dropped it with how fast it went through me,” he said.

While some were upset at the idea of ​​the supercharged drink being taken off the shelves.

‘Limited Edition? I go out to buy some now and get addicted to the higher caffeine then they take them away, one woman said.

Some simply thanked the comic for his ‘legendary review.

‘Consider everything trembling. Your reviews make my life,” said one man.

The Intense series is a quarter shot stronger than the triple espresso, which has three standard shots.