February 7, 2023

In the weeks following the election, Mr. Chesebro wrote a series of memos outlining a plan to send so-called deputy voters to Congress for certification. Just over two weeks after Election Day, Mr. Chesebro sent a memo to James Troupis, another attorney for the Trump campaign in Wisconsin, outlining a plan to name pro-Trump voters in that state, which was also won by Mr. Biden.

Mr. Chesebro also sent a December 13, 2020 email to Mr. Giuliani encouraging Vice President Mike Pence to “firmly take the position that he, and he alone, is entrusted with constitutional responsibility, not just to open the votes, but to count them – including making a judgment about what to do if there are conflicting votes.”

That idea became the basis for Mr. Trump’s press campaign against Mr. Pence, in which the president tried to convince his own vice president that he could block or delay congressional certification of Mr. Biden’s January 6, 2021 victory.

Mr. Chesebro was also involved in a December 24, 2020 email exchange with John C. Eastman, the pro-Trump attorney, about whether or not to file legal documents they hoped would get four judges to agree. to handle a Wisconsin election case.

In those emails, Mr Chesebro argued that the “chance of action before January 6 will become more favorable if the judges begin to fear that there will be ‘wild’ chaos on January 6 unless they rule by then, anyway.” .”

Their exchange took place five days after Mr. Trump called on his supporters to attend an Ellipse protest at the White House on Jan. 6, 2021, the day Congress would confirm the number of electoral votes to confirm the victory. from Mr Biden. “Be there. Go wild!” Mr Trump wrote on Twitter.

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