January 27, 2023

Apple TV app is the ultimate way to easily discover all your favorite shows, video streaming services, sports events, cable TV providers, and movies on your favorite Apple devices, smart TVs, gaming consoles, and more. 

The application was released in the USA in December 2016 and extended to platforms that don’t belong to Apple Inc. Currently, apart from iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, and Apple TV, the application is available on Samsung TV. In this article, we’re taking an extended look into Apple TV app development and how much would it cost to create an Apple TV app. 

Types of Apple TV Apps 

Apple Inc invaded the homes of millions of users with Apple TV. Here are the most popular types of Apple TV apps for you to try out. 

Video Streaming: all the most popular and favorite streaming services like the smart TV app Netflix, HBO, Hulu, Disney+ YouTube, and Twitch are available to enjoy from anywhere.

News and Info Applications: TED, Kitchen Stories, Bloomberg Business News, Reuters TV, and more to keep up with the latest news and tap a bit of inspiration from TED performers. 

Kids Applications: entertaining and developmental content for nurturing kids and keeping them occupied while parents are busy.

Games: such games as Transistor, Inside, and Raymon Adventures made it over to the Apple TV and now keep adults entertained in front of a big screen.

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Smart Homes Applications: keep control over what’s happening in your home with such Smart home applications as Arlo, HomeCam for HomeKit, Canary, and Nest. After all, observing your home on an Apple TV screen is far more convenient than staring at an iPhone display. 

Healthcare: guided meditation sessions or extensive workouts can be displayed on large Apple TV screens for users’ health of mind and body. 

Apple TV App Development Process

Apple TV apps take entertainment, healthcare, and homecare to a completely new level. However, any successful application is an outcome of hours and months of work by dedicated programmers. In this section, we’re going to briefly overview the stages of the Apple TV app development process.


The stage of clarifying an idea and putting together all the necessary resources to nurture an idea into a turnkey Apple TV application. 

Design and Prototype

Brainstorming ideas on how to create a unique user interface and UX design. When the design stage is complete, the first sample of a future product is passed to a developer’s team.


Keeping in mind the purpose of an Apple TV app, a team of programmers starts creating a product utilizing the preferred technologies to suit your needs. 


When reaching end consumers, an Apple TV app needs to be bug-free. In the testing stage, QA engineers test an application, discover and fix bugs. Only crucial mistakes can be fixed during testing.


Once the previous stages are done, an Apple TV app can be released for download by audiences.


After an application is released to the market, it needs decent support from the tech team who will track its performance, fix technical bugs, and deliver updates. This is of paramount importance to maintain the vitality of an Apple TV app in the competitive environment of today. 

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How Much Does Apple TV App Development Cost

Price issues are always concerning the people intending to build a stellar Apple TV app.  According to various estimations, the cost to create an Apple TV app from scratch is nearly $20.000. However, the development price is never set. It encompasses a range of factors that can make an application cost land or skyrocket. These include desired functionality, the tech stack used, the location of a development team, and many more.

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