March 25, 2023


The owner and founder of a popular restaurant chain has launched a furious diatribe against Prime Minister Anthony Albanese over the rising cost of living facing Australian households.

In a video posted on social media, Rashays founder Rami Ykmour attacked Mr Albanese and the government for not supporting struggling families.

Mr Ykmour posted the video to TikTok on Thursday afternoon and said, “The people at the top are really pissing me off right now.”

In a fervent video, Rashays founder Rami Ykmour (pictured) reprimanded Mr Albanese and the government for not supporting struggling families during the cost of living crisis

The restaurateur previously targeted the Albanian government over the rising cost of fresh produce that his family-friendly restaurants had to pass on to consumers.

In the video, Mr Ykmour said he was angry at Mr Albanese’s statements that he was ‘aware’ of the struggles facing Australian families.

‘What are you going to do about it?’ said Mr Ykmour.

“I’m glad you’re conscious, I’m glad you’re conscious.”

Mr Ykmour also joined some conservative commentators in his criticism of Mr Albanese’s three-day participation in the Australian Open at the end of January.

“I look at Albanians in front of me at tennis, and I look at a calm, relaxed man,” he said.

“He should carry the weight of the country on his shoulders.”

Mr Ykmour claimed that Australian politicians are not doing enough to serve Australians, just doing what will get them re-elected.

“You have been chosen as a minister, as a prime minister, to lead your people, to do the right thing by your people. Not for work.

“Families need support, and they need it today, not tomorrow.

“We’ve had the hardest three years of our lives, it doesn’t matter who you are.”

Mr Ykmour told Daily Mail Australia that in July last year he paid $144 for a box of 18 iceberg lettuces at $8 per head as production costs rose by 7.3 per cent.

Recent statistics from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) shows a record increase in the cost of living for all types of households in the past quarter.

Recent Statistics From The Australian Bureau Of Statistics (Abs) Show A Record Increase In The Cost Of Living For All Types Of Households In The Past Quarter

Recent statistics from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) show a record increase in the cost of living for all types of households in the past quarter

For worker households, where wages are the main source of income, the cost of living rose 9.3 percent last year, the biggest increase since the statistic was first measured in 1999.

“Employee households recorded their largest quarterly increase since the September 2000 quarter, which followed the introduction of the GST,” said Michelle Marquardt, ABS’s head of price statistics.

Rising interest rates combined with inflation increase the pressure on families.

“Mortgage interest costs for employee households rose 26.6 percent over the quarter and 61.3 percent over the year.”

In its October 2022 budget, the Albanian government unveiled a “responsible” $7.5 billion package of cost-of-living measures as part of a five-point plan to tackle the problem.

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The plan aimed to alleviate cost-of-living pressures for households through cheaper childcare, more paid parental leave, cheaper medicines, more affordable housing and “getting wages moving again.”