March 23, 2023

An Annandale man accused of sexually assaulting a woman working at a massage parlour in Sydney’s inner west has faced trial, in a case the defence says will hinge on the reliability of the complainant.

Matthew Cooper, 35 years old, pleaded guilty to two counts each of sexual intercourse with consent and one count of indecent assault in Downing Centre District Court Tuesday. These charges relate to an alleged incident at Camperdown, June 2018.

Matthew Cooper has been accused indecently and sexually assaulting a massage parlor.Credit:Steven Siewert

Cooper was at 10:45 on June 24, when Cooper arrived and the woman was employed by an erotica massage parlour. Cooper selected the woman to perform an electrifying massage on him.

In an opening statement, prosecutor Daniel Noll said Cooper paid for a 30-minute erotic massage including a naked massage, body slide and “happy ending”.

Noll claimed Cooper touched the woman indecently and had sexual intercourse with her, including digitally penetrating her and performing oral sex on her during the session. Noll knew that she was not consenting.

The prosecutor told the jury the laws of consent in NSW apply to all places, including venues offering sexual services, and the complainant had “explicitly told” the accused not to touch her in a particular place multiple times, but that he continued to do so.

He also told the jury the erotic massage parlour, where the incident is alleged to have taken place, did not offer “full service” – referring to sexual intercourse and oral sex – at the time, nor did the woman consent to any “extras” beyond the service Cooper paid for.

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Todd Pickering represented Cooper. He wore a black suit with a button-down shirt and ties.

Pickering said the “reliability of the complainant” would be a fundamental element in the case.

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