February 9, 2023

Americans flocked to buy Mega Millions tickets ahead of Friday night’s draw, which was the third largest jackpot in the game’s history at $660 million.

No one has won the coveted reward in the last 27 consecutive draws and those hoping to win Friday’s big payout had to beat the unlikely odds of being 1 in 302 million, according to Fox 6 Milwaukee.

If one lucky player wins Friday night and chooses the cash option, he would take home about $388 million.

Either tonight or in the future, Jake Harris, relationship management manager for the Michigan State Lottery, recommends jackpot winners “take the time” to collect the prize and possibly contact an attorney or financial adviser and ensure that “your ducks in a row,” he said. WGNTV.

He also recommends entering into a work or family pool for future drawings, “because you don’t want to be the one working in your group if it happens to win and you didn’t pay for your ticket that week.”

Friday night’s draw was the ninth biggest jackpot overall.

The Mega Millions jackpot hit $660 million before Friday’s 11pm draw, giving players a 1 in 302 million chance of winning

It is the third largest jackpot for the game and the ninth in total

Since the last winner hit the jackpot on April 15, 17.9 million others have won prizes of all tiers, including 29 worth $1 million or more, Mega Millions said in a statement.

The last winner came from Tennessee and won $20 million. The biggest jackpot winner so far this year took place in California on January 28, raising $426 million. In addition, a New Yorker won $128 million in March and someone from Minnesota on April 12, $110 million.

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Many gamblers have taken to social media to post about their excitement, with one person joking, “If this is the last time you hear from me, here’s why.”

Another understood the excitement of such a hardy stranger and added three rows of praying hands emojis for good luck, writing: “My Mega Millions pool has a 1 in 1 million chance of winning tonight.”

Fox 9 News’ Morning Anchor Kelly O’Connell simply wrote, “Please please please please.”

Others told Fox 9 Milwaukee that they are going to use their “mental powers” to win tonight.

Many flocked to social media to express their happiness and pray that they would hit the multimillion dollar jackpot

“You have to manifest it,” Roslyn Taylor told the outlet. “I’m going to win that money.”

She also said she’d “love to donate it to get some of these kids off the streets and build some recreation centers.”

Richard Carpenter told the outlet he just “wanted to pay my bills,” but said he “wouldn’t tell anyone if I win.”

Friday’s winning numbers are: 14 40 60 64 66 MB 16