January 31, 2023

An aspiring actor from Albania and his wife crashed Saturday morning from their sixth-floor apartment in the Bronx.

The couple, identified by friends and neighbors as Florind Belliu, 35, and Ornela Shehi, 28, were found in the courtyard of 2199 Cruger Avenue on Pelham Parkway South in Morris Park around 9:15 a.m. Saturday, police sources told the police. New York Daily News. They were pronounced dead about 10 minutes later.

Neighbors say they heard screams just before the couple fell and now police sources say investigators are investigating the deadly incident as the tragic result of a possible fight between the couple.

Their young sons, ages 6 and 2, were in the apartment at the time with a neighbor who recalled hearing a child yell, “Mom! Mom!’ after the tragic fall.

Video shows how Shehi is the first to plunge from the sixth floor of the building and ends up in the alley, followed by her husband Belliu a few seconds later.

The couple’s cause of death is still pending on Sunday, according to the coroner’s office, pending “additional investigative information.”

Florind Belliu, 35, (pictured) and his wife, Ornela Shehi, 28, were found around 9:15 a.m. Saturday in the courtyard of their sixth-floor apartment on Cruger Avenue in the Bronx.

Video reportedly shows Shehi first plunging from the sixth floor of the building and landing in the alley, followed by Belliu seconds later. They were pronounced dead on the spot

Relatives and friends mourned outside the Bronx apartment complex on Saturday. The New York Daily News reported that Belliu’s devastated mother collapsed and could be seen sobbing in response to the news of her son’s death.

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Police sources told the Post that Belliu had previously been reported as “emotionally disturbed” and missing in April, before police tracked him down.

Still, sources say police have never received any reports of domestic violence related to the couple, who moved into the building just four months ago. They have two sons who neighbors say were at home at the time of the tragic incident.

“I’ve always seen them buy things for the house, like every day together, with two kids together, we didn’t know anything was wrong,” Shadie Perkaj, the wife of the building’s superstore, told the Daily News.

Neighbors told local media the pair were a “calm couple” who “kept on their own,” but recall seeing Belliu on Friday in an angry state.

Neighbor Robert Sanchez described Belliu as being unfriendly.

“If you walked next to him, he just wasn’t friendly, so I’d just keep it moving,” Sanchez said. “They were on their own and very isolated.”

An employee of Zymi, a nearby cafe, agreed with the sentiment.

“He was never in the right frame of mind. He would come for coffee or dinner and would not interact with fellow community members,” the employee said. “The woman never really said anything. She was always quiet and isolated, but they always seemed to have the children (with them).’

Belliu was a graduate of the University of Arts in Tirana, Albania, and performed in TV and theater before moving to the US. EuroNews Albania.

Neighbors told local media the pair were a “calm couple” who “kept on their own,” but recall seeing Belliu on Friday in an angry state. Their deaths are under investigation

Friends and family mourned the couple’s loss on social media as they wondered why he would throw himself off the building

The outlet also reports that he has been working on two books and a film script. He may have also worked as a stable driver in recent months to provide for his family, sources said.

Friends and family mourned the couple’s loss on social media, as they wondered why he would throw himself off the building.

‘Why bro, why bro… did you choose this path? What was missing when you all held us in your arms and supported you? Why did you go down a path without beginning and end?’ Albanian actor Andi Llabuti posted.

‘What do we say to’ [your] mother when she sees us on the street that we can’t protect you? Why didn’t you think a little bit about your family, your mother and your sisters? We all knew your abilities and the values ​​you had, but never this wisdom! You made us so sad that there is no explanation! May Allah have mercy on you!’

Albanian comedian Cela Irgen posted a tribute on Instagram saying that Belliu broke his heart.

“I can’t believe I’m making this status for you,” he wrote in a Sunday post. “You are imbedded in my mind and my heart for all the beautiful memories we have together and the passion we shared for acting. May you both rest in peace my dear friend and may God give both families strength in these difficult times.’

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