February 7, 2023

Many people convert files from one format to another so frequently that they consider this a natural process. Word documents and PDF files are two of the most common formats that are converted from one format to another so often. Both formats can be used at work, school, or in personal settings for many reasons.


There are many ways to convert Word documents into PDF files, and vice versa. These methods can be done using software or websites like Google Docs or Microsoft Word. Although most people don’t know how to use websites to convert Word files to PDF, there are some benefits of having converter PDF em Word. This article will explain the main benefits of using a website for Word to PDF conversion.


  1. Signing-in or creating an account is not required for downloading software

An online Word-to-PDF converter is a great way to do this. You don’t even need to create an account to use their service. Many websites offering Word-to PDF conversion services have interfaces that allow you to upload your file and wait for the result to download. Contrary to popular belief, you will need to sign in to Google Docs or create an account to use certain websites and software to convert Word files to PDF.


Microsoft Word is not required to sign in or create an account to use the site to convert Word documents into PDF files. However, it is necessary to first download Microsoft Word to your computer or mobile device before you can use it. Websites that convert Word into PDF don’t require you to sign up, create an account or pay a subscription fee.

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This is a huge advantage as it speeds up the process and eliminates a step that most people consider crucial when doing this process. It also benefits people who don’t have time to create accounts or sign into them just to convert Word documents into PDF files. This makes it easier and makes online Word-to PDF converters more accessible.


  1. With any device or browser, you can convert Word to PDF

Websites can be used to convert Word documents into PDF files. Another benefit is that they are portable and accessible from any location. This is a difference from Google Docs or Microsoft Word where you would need to install software or apps on a computer before you could use them. You will need to install the Microsoft Word software on Windows computers or the Microsoft Word app for Android devices before you can convert Word documents into PDF files.


Google Docs can be accessed from any browser on Windows, Mac, or both. However, to use the software to convert Word into PDF, you will need to install a separate Android app. These challenges make it difficult to use them to convert Word documents into PDF files, or any other documents.


Websites that convert Word into PDF use cloud-based technology. They can be used on any device, such as Windows computers and Android phones, as long as there is a browser installed, like Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. These websites can be used to convert Word documents into PDF files without the need to install anything on your device or computer.

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You only need a browser and an Internet access to use the website. This is beneficial because you can access these websites from anywhere and at any time.


  1. Convert Word to PDF Securely and Safely

Many people are concerned that using a website for Word documents to be converted to PDF files could pose a threat to their cybersecurity. The document could be compromised by hackers or cybercriminals, and used to infected computers and mobile devices with viruses and malware.


These fears may not be completely unfounded as many cybercriminals lurk in certain networks to extract sensitive information and plant malware on the downloaded files. However, websites offering Word-toPDF conversion have taken enough precautions to ensure that users are safe while using them.


This is evident in the privacy policy included in all online Word-to PDF converters. It outlines the guidelines and legal definitions for the use of the website and data it collects. Websites give this assurance to users that they will not use their files for any other purpose than to convert them to Word to PDF.


Websites that convert Word documents into PDF files have a Privacy Policy. This is a promise from the website that it will protect data and privacy from misuse, abuse, and unauthorized access. However, they also offer extra privacy protection by automatically deleting the file after the conversion has finished. This protects the files from being used to transmit viruses and malware to any computer or mobile device.



Although it may seem strange to use a website to convert Word documents into PDF files, there are many great benefits to using a website. There are many websites offering Word-toPDF conversion services online, despite these benefits. Every website is different and offers its own benefits. GogoPDF is an online Word-to PDF converter you can trust.

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GogoPDF allows you to convert Word documents into PDF files fast, easily, and with the highest level of security. GogoPDF can be used on any device, mobile or computer. Its cloud-based technology allows you to do everything in your browser and not need to download an app. GogoPDF is the website to trust when it comes to converting Word into PDF or any other file to PDF.