March 24, 2023

Publisher Activision has dropped an extensive overview of all the novelties for Warzone 2.0 when it goes live on November 16. A big sandwich, because the free-to-play battle royale gets an overload of additions.

First and foremost introduces Warzone 2.0 a new folder. Al Mazrah is an extensive combat region with no fewer than 18 conflict zones. The map brings with it new vehicles, proximity chat, battles in water, a third-person playlist and much more.

If you bite the dust, you will end up in the renewed gulag. In prison, you may compete in teams of 2 to return to Al Mazrah. Is the 2vs2 showdown taking too long? Then the Jailer is dropped, an AI character that can be killed. So the message is to keep an eye out.

However, the coolest novelty is the long-awaited one DMZ mode. In it, squads of players undertake challenging story missions. You can pick up extra side quests along the way, but be careful that enemy teams or the AI-controlled soldiers don’t kill you.

By the way, did we mention that the old Warzone map won’t disappear? Nope, after the launch of Warzone 2.0, the battle royale game will return as Warzone Caldera. For those who prefer to hang out in a historical setting.

Also Modern Warfare 2 will receive a major update on November 16. For example, the classic maps Shipment and Shoot House are making a comeback. In addition, the CDL Moshpit opens the doors, a training mode that you can play on any official map of the game.

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Finally, the shooter gets a fresh Special Ops mission and Raid mode in multiplayer.

Oh yes, the well-known Battle Pass is also being overhauled: from now on you can choose which items you unlock first. Also, don’t forget the World Cup event, because that brings football stars such as Lionel Messi, Neymar Jr. and Paul Pogba to the battlefields.

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