February 3, 2023

As casual wear is acceptable in parties, workplaces, and different surroundings, casual shoes have become the most prominent choice for all men. Yet, they are a thoughtful business, and the selection of the wrong footwear can put you in the most imperfectly dressed type. 

So, to get your look appropriate, it is necessary to know about the different casual men’s shoes. Here we go: 


Espadrilles, a summer favourite, is an easy slip-on shoe with an assurance of convenience all day. T-shirts, shirts, denim, shorts and chinos, and espadrilles can be matched to anything casual. They are the best choice to wear in the office if your workplace does not have rigorous dress codes. Select ingenious colours and designs when wearing them in the office.  

Espadrilles for men are an effective choice and make your casual attire huge fun and ease. Here is where you should and shouldn’t wear these shoes. 

Where to Wear? 

  • Poolside or beach 
  • Breakfast 
  • Office 

Where to Avoid? 

  • At formal or semi-formal parties 
  • On date 
  • At club night 

Sneakers or Running Shoes 

The most liked footwear essential, whatever the age, sneakers are worn and loved by all men. Made for daily wear, no cupboard is complete without an excellent pair of men’s sneakers. Sneakers come in varied styles and designs. The four popular types are stylish, basic, slip-on, and sports. 

Sneakers offer a great chance to flaunt their style. Sneakers are not only easy to wear, but they relatively match all in your wardrobe if worn the correct way. Even though sneakers can be adorned with many outfits, here is where you can wear them and where not for a positive impact.  

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Where to Wear? 

  • For a date, party, or club night 
  • At office 

Where to Avoid? 

  • In job interview 
  • Casual business meetings 
  • At the beach or in the pool 


Generally confused with loafers, these casual slip-on men’s shoes include a style like boat shoes. They are also called driving and home shoes. These shoes do not involve a heel, and the upper and sole are created of similar material. They can or cannot have rubber husk on the sole or outsole.  

They are very convenient to wear due to their super-soft creation. Furthermore, the lack of a compact sole and heel support is not suggested for occasions that involve excessive walking or various physical activities. Know where you can and cannot wear moccasins. 

Where to Wear? 

  • Casual occasions 
  • Date night 
  • At workplace 

Where to Avoid? 

  • On formal or semi-formal occasions 
  • In Party or club night 
  • Beach or pool 

Boat Shoes 

One more ultimate shoe style, these casual men’s shoes show a sailor-like attitude; thus, they are recognized as boat shoes. They normally come in various types of canvas or leather material and include a low cut, smooth rubber sole, and laces that go through the loops on the sides and top.  

Brown is the most well-known colour, yet, colours such as grey, navy blue, tan, burgundy, etc., hold their individual charm. Boat shoes are somewhat resourceful but cannot be sported at all places.  

Where to Wear? 

  • Date 
  • Party 
  • Workplace 

Where to Avoid? 

  • Job interviews 
  • Formal occasions 
  • Beach and pool 


Adding men’s sandals in the shoe category is somewhat wrong technically, but there is no refusal that sandals are a prevalent casual footwear option. You can match them to shorts, tees, denim, tanks, shirts, chinos, and more. 

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Sandals are one of the most casual footwear compared to the rest and can’t be worn all over. 

Where to Wear? 

  • Running activities 
  • Enjoying weekends with buddies 

Where to Avoid? 

  • Semi-formal or formal occasions 
  • Parties or clubs 
  • Date 


The most adaptable shoes always, men’s loafers come under both casual and formal footwear types based on the structure and type. Many loafers are made of suede or leather upper. The leather loafers are specifically considered formal due to their complex making and appearances. The suede loafers involve a more outdoor or casual feel.  

You might not go wrong with loafers as they can be styled with any attire and to any place or event. So, here you will know where you should not wear them. 

Where to Avoid? 

  • Beach and pool 
  • Road excursions 
  • At formal events 

Final Words 

Casual men’s shoes are susceptible to wear and tear compared to formal shoes. That’s why choosing the best pair is very important. We hope the above points help improve some fundamental footwear styles!

Men’s Casual Shoes

Men’s Casual Shoes