October 5, 2022

A ghoul branded with the marks of Satan is hunted by the police after he failed to show up for a court hearing over charges that he violated two graves.

Spotswood man Tristan Hearne, 40, was ordered to appear in Melbourne Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday over allegations that he stole the skulls of two people from Footscray General Cemetery between January 27 and February 1.

The crime sent shockwaves through Melbourne amid claims the thefts were linked to satanic rituals.

Tristan Hearne, 40, is branded The Leviathan Cross – commonly known as Satan’s Cross

His other hand is branded with the Sigil of Lucifer – the symbol of Satan

Tristan Hearne, 40, allegedly raided graves in Footscray General Cemetery between January 27 and February 1.

Victoria police at the time vehemently denied the claims, suggesting that the serious robberies were likely committed by a thrill-seeker.

Police prosecutors asked Magistrate David Langton to order an immediate arrest warrant for Hearne due to the shocking nature of the charges.

They were awarded it on the spot, sparking a police manhunt that will aim to bring the alleged grave robber to court.

Daily Mail Australia revealed in June that Hearne’s fingers are branded with both the Leviathan Cross – commonly known as the Cross of Satan – and the Sigil of Lucifer.

Officers had revealed that Hearne left a number of items at the locations, including a crucifix, candles and notes to Satan.

“At this stage, there is nothing to indicate satanic rituals or ties,” police told the Daily Mail Australia on Feb. 3.

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Hearne’s Facebook page, which remains open to the public, is causing troubling ratings.

Images shared online by the alleged ghoul include several photos taken from Melbourne’s cemeteries.

An image shows what appears to be someone dressed as a Grim Reaper, next to local headstones.

Tristan Hearne, 40, proudly wears a tattoo of serial killer John Wayne Gacy dressed as a killer clown

Tristan Hearne makes little secret of his infatuation with death and the dark arts

Hearne seems to have a particular focus on Kew’s Booondara General Cemetery, sharing multiple images of graves in May 2020.

Other images include works of art of devils, demons and vampires.

A photograph of Shakespeare’s Hamlet with a human skull is captioned: ‘This above all: be true to your own self’.

Hearne’s Facebook page reveals the ghoul’s long love for all things supernatural.

One of his childhood favorites was a book called “Usborne Guide to the Supernatural World” and “The World of the Unknown Ghosts.”

An old school photo shows vampire teeth sticking out of his mouth.

Hearne proudly photographs his elaborate arm tattoos, which are branded with a detailed portrait of American serial killer John Wayne Gacy dressed as a clown.

Gacy raped, tortured, and murdered at least 33 young men and boys and performed regularly at children’s hospitals and charity events such as “Pogo the Clown” or “Patches the Clown.”

Police were called to the cemetery to report that a mausoleum (pictured) had been disturbed

Hearne’s thoughts on an image of a random grave

Hearne seems to like cats, Star Wars, skulls, death and Satan

The bizarre thefts allegedly carried out by Hearne sparked fear in Melbourne, with each of his targets being chosen seemingly at random.

A passerby walking through the grounds had made the gruesome discovery.

Renowned criminologist Xanthe Mallett said at the time that she was stunned as to why the rare event had happened.

“I’ve seen no precedent where graves have been robbed for anything other than in the past — grave robbing used to be when bodies were taken and provided for anatomical reasons — but we’re talking hundreds of years ago,” she said.

Police say Hearne robbed two mausoleums, breaking into a third, but nothing was stolen.

Hearne was charged with six charges, including two counts of removing body parts from the corpse of a human, exhuming or removing human remains from the burial site, and criminal damage.

The Herald Sun reported that a human skull was found in his bedroom, while another was buried in a garden bed outside his rental home.

Removing body parts from a grave carries a maximum penalty of five years behind bars.

A photo of Shakespeare’s Hamlet with a human skull remains on Hearne .’s social media page