February 4, 2023

 Lyon is the third-largest city in France and it is located in the centre east of the country. This is also the gastronomic capital of France. The city preserves the charm of both the modern and old world. Whether we talk about its dazzling museums, secret tunnels, historical buildings, or cultural landmarks, you will find everything here fascinating. The city is blessed with cultural richness historical significance and activities that will give you the experience of a lifetime.

Whether you want to explore the culture of France or want to go on a food hunt, this south-eastern city of France will not disappoint you. Book your airport transfer Lyon services in advance and hit the hotspots of Lyon. The chauffeur services Lyon are up to mark so you won’t have any problem with transportation. So, add these 5 things to your to-do list during your stay in Lyon.

Vieux is one of the oldest and largest Renaissance quarters in Europe. During the 16th and 17th centuries, the silk industry of Lyon was flourishing and that was the time when merchants from France Germany, and Italy came to settle in this city. The houses and buildings built here have inherited their structure from Italian and French culture. There are over 300 buildings that will give you a glimpse of gothic houses and some fascinating structures. Some of the famous structures of the city are Saint-Jean, Saint-Georges, and Saint-Paules. Book your Lyon airport transfer in advance to make your stay and transportation smooth.

Take a ride on the Big Wheel

The Place Bellecour is not just the third largest square in France, but also of entire Europe.  The best part about this square is that it’s completely pedestrian. During the Gallo-Roman time, it was an island that was used for military and commercial purposes. What we see today was built somewhere around 1825.

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There’s a statue of Louis XIV in the centre of the square and at the foot of this statue, there are two allegorical figures that represent the Saone and Rhone rivers. Either join a March or take the big wheel? At the end of the trip, you will find plenty of restaurants, play areas, for children, fountains, and bars on these streets. Our premium Lyon chauffeur service will take care of your transportation requirements.

Lyon is the gastronomy capital of France. This city is also home to Paul Bocuse, who is the most celebrated chef in France. One of the reasons why: Lyon is France’s food capital is because of the top-quality produce it offers. Secondly, the creativity of its chefs is unbeatable. There are more than 4000 restaurants in this city and a huge number of it has Michelin stars. These restaurants will suit all kinds of budgets. Depending on your choice you can go to the Bouchon for traditional Lyonnais cuisine, or dine in a modern bistro.

There are also some good places to shop for high-quality culinary items like fresh bread, cheese, fruits, vegetables, truffles, pâtisserie, and chocolate. If you want to take home some French recipes, go for the cooking classes. However, book your Limousine services Lyon in advance for a cost-effective journey.

One of the reasons why many so many European citizens prefer to settle down in Lyon is because of the presence of art, culture, music, and ballet in the city. The city has an opera house, which is the main centre of attraction for tourists. Opéra National de Lyon was first built in 1831, but what we see today is the renovated version that took place in 1993. The cylindrical glass roof, red bacon, and the shows and events that happen there are breathtaking. Your private chauffeur Lyon can take you to your spot.

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The delightful renaissance passageways of Vieux Lyon and La Croix-Rousse Saone are something you should not miss if you are in Lyon. Approximately, 40 of these passageways or Traboules are open to the public. These Traboules were made to give direct passageways to silk workers who used to commute from the city to the riverbank. All the textiles were taken through these passageways to avoid rain and other natural elements. However make sure you are walking through these Traboules, silently as most of these paths are private properties. Lyon chauffeur service will drop you near one of these troubles.

Lyon is a vibrant city and you can spend days here without even realizing it. Even Lyon car services are of top grade, so you wouldn’t have any trouble travelling.  Our limousine service Lyon are well-acquainted with the local delights and will guide you accordingly. To get the best deals on transportation book your Lyon limousine service in advance.