February 7, 2023

Fall weddings tend to be quietly beautiful, breathtaking with the combination of late summer flowers and autumnal blooms. Popular colors are often a stark contrast to their summer counterparts with burgundies, marigold, and emerald greens. You, no doubt, want to select a gift that compliments the stunning wedding style. While you can certainly work off of their wedding registry if you are looking to be a bit more unique or supplement the registry gift, consider one of these classic wedding gifts that are sure to dazzle them.

  • Copper Cookware.New cookware is always welcome in any newlywed’s household. Why not gift them a seriously sophisticated set from Williams and Sonoma. Copper is a natural conductor and provides superior thermal conduction for evenly cooked food. Most chefs prefer copper cookware and once they use it, your newlywed friends will, too!


  • Honeycomb Wine Rack.This interesting wine rack is as unique as they are! It is available in two different finishes, polished brass and matte black so you can be certain to match their style. Inspired by the honeycomb, this rack holds up to six bottles of wine and is sure to be an invaluable addition to their décor.
  • Talavera Ceramic Mexican Pottery Chip Dip Platter. This colorful tray available on Etsy has such a unique feel, the bride and groom will want to bring it out for every social gathering. Talavera is a type of Mexican Folk Art, and these handmade pieces are perfect for serving meats and

cheeses, chips and dip, sauces and breads, veggies and dip, pretty much anything under the sun!

  • Visa Gift Card.Give them a gift they can use at countless retailers, everywhere Visa is accepted. Make the card truly a gift from the heart by getting your choice of photo on the front along with congratulatory text. Easy to track the balance online as well as being safe and secure, a Visa Gift Card is always the right choice for a wedding gift.
  • French Press Coffee Maker.Once coffee lovers drink a cup of their favorite Joe from a French press, there’s really no going back to drip coffee makers. With a French press, users are able to vary the amount of time coffee grounds are steeped, therefore determining their coffee robustness on their own.
  • KitchenAid Pasta Roller & Cutter. This is a piece that works with an existing KitchenAid Stand Mixer (so it would be helpful to know if they already have one). The stainless steel rollers work exceptionally well for cutting, smoothing, and rolling spaghetti, fettuccini, with 8 thickness settings.
  • Homesoap UV Phone Sanitizer. Sanitizing is more important than ever before, and it goes well beyond just your hands. It is difficult to think about sanitizing something like a remote control or tablet, but it’s still necessary given they are riddled with bacteria from constant use. This sanitizer is large enough for the small electronic devices used every day.
  • AirBnB Gift Card. Extend their honeymoon with an AirBnB gift card. With so many opportunities available all over the country, they’ll be able to spread their wings and explore. They can use it for their first anniversary or to turn any weekend getaway into something really special.
  • Heart Dutch Oven. When they say “this was made with love” it will be true! This 1.75 quart cast iron heart Dutch oven available on The Knot is perfect for couples who love to cook together. It makes a charming addition to any kitchen and is compatible with gas or electric stoves.
  • Spice House Kitchen Essentials. They will need plenty of fresh spices to start their spicy marriage so get them started with this 12 pack set which includes Saigon Ground Cassia Cinnamon, HungarianSweet Paprika, Cracked Rosemary Needles, and Mediterranean Broken Leaf Thyme.
  • A Journal for Two. The Do One Thing Every Day Together Journal gives the happy couple an opportunity to be interactive in every way. There are prompts and space for both people to write a short response. The journal becomes a time capsule they can look at years from now and remember with fondness.
  • Woven Picnic Basket. The Providence Woven Picnic Basket turns an ordinary picnic into an extraordinary event! Made of genuine willow with faux leather handles, they’ll find everything they need for service between 2 and 4 people (depending on the chosen style). There are ceramic plates, wine glasses, Sterling Silver knives and forks and even a waiter-style corkscrew.
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Choose a stylish gift for the newlyweds that they’ll cherish and use again and again!