February 4, 2023

The wisdom teeth that erupt in early adulthood may not be able to fit in a person’s mouth. These teeth typically emerge at an abnormal angle as a result, harming the teeth next to them. Wisdom teeth can occasionally become entrapped in the gums. Moreover, if you have issues with dental implants Sheffield, this post is only for you!

To learn what leads wisdom teeth to get infected, how to detect if your wisdom tooth is afflicted, and how to cure an infected wisdom tooth, keep reading this post.

How Do Wisdom Teeth Work?

Adults typically have 32 permanent teeth. Eight incisors (the front teeth), four canines (the pointed teeth next to the incisors), eight premolars, and twelve molars are included in this (the teeth in the back of the jaw).

Part of your molars is your wisdom teeth. They often appear between the ages of 17 and 21, when they are the last to begin to grow. Adults typically have four wisdom teeth in each jaw corner. Some folks only have two wisdom teeth, while others are missing all of them.

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10 Infection Risk Signs on Your Wisdom Tooth

Since a wisdom tooth infection occasionally resembles other medical conditions, it can be challenging to diagnose. However, if you encounter any of the ten signs listed below, you may have an infected wisdom tooth:

1. More sensitive teeth than usual

On their own, sensitive teeth don’t always mean you have a dental infection. Sometimes, it can only be brought on by the eroding of tooth enamel, which calls for a completely different method of therapy.

2. The pain in your tooth

On the interior of your tooth, a toothache typically feels like a throbbing or gnawing pain that won’t go away. The level of discomfort can range from barely perceptible to so severe that it is difficult to carry out regular tasks.

3. Inflamed Gums

Although a gum infection and a wisdom tooth infection are technically unrelated, it is conceivable for both to develop simultaneously. This is because gum inflammation may result from bacteria that travel from an infected tooth to the gum. Your gums will most likely get red, swell, and hurt when you touch them if they’re inflamed.

4. Bleed Gums

Your gums may start to bleed if they are inflamed. Even though this is typically the result of rough brushing, it is nevertheless a symptom that your gums are seriously inflamed. This is most probably the result of bacteria from an adjacent sick tooth infecting the area.

5. You Get a Fever

Untreated wisdom teeth infections have the potential to spread to other parts of the body. Any of the aforementioned symptoms, along with a body temperature over 100.4 °F, indicate a wisdom teeth infection that has advanced and necessitates emergency medical intervention.

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6. You Feel Chilly and Shaking

The majority of the time chills come along with a fever. You do not, however, have a fever if you take your heat and it is within the normal range of 97.9 °F and 100.4 °F.

7. Swollen Lymph Nodes in Your Body

Under your jaw in the neck are your lymph nodes. Your lymphatic system, which eliminates toxins from the body, is made up of these.

8. Bad Taste in Your Mouth

You can experience a salty smell and taste that is just as uncomfortable if an infection around your wisdom tooth starts to discharge.

9. Your facial pain

If you have an ache in your wisdom tooth, your cheeks and jaw may start to hurt as well. You might suffer persistent facial pain that finds it challenging to chew, speak, or lie on your side, even though there is no obvious swelling.

10. Your Gums Have An Abscess

Since your wisdom teeth are in the back of your mouth, it could be difficult to notice if you develop an abscess there. A pus-filled “pocket” called an abscess can resemble a red or white cyst.

Final Words

It’s crucial to visit a dentist right away if you think you could have an infection in your wisdom teeth. A network of dental specialists who can detect and diagnose your wisdom tooth infection swiftly and affordably. Arrange a meeting right away to receive the best dental care possible.