December 4, 2022

TTU (Texas Tech University) houses 34000 students from 68 different countries. While the university is more expensive when compared to other universities in the USA, it sure gives you every reason why it shouldn’t be. And one of them is TTU Blackboard, Texas Tech University’s collaboration with the acclaimed Learning Management System called Blackboard.

Let alone the rest of the reasons, their collaboration alone compensates for the heavy fees that the university charges, and has many benefits for students that should not go unnoticed. They have made available the entire university online, asking you to only Login to the TTU Blackboard portal, and start availing of its features from the comfort of your home.

That said, here are the nine features fused into benefits that the TTU Blackboard association has to offer you, being their valuable student.

Online Courses

Existing an entire library of online courses, it is up to you which one of them you choose. Whatever discipline you have opted for, you’d find numerous courses enhancing your knowledge on it, exposing you to real-life experiences, and letting you know the hacks you could use to counter your hard moments while you practice what you have learned at the university.

Gain Access To The Lectures

Having been through the regrets of losing valuable lectures, I can relate with the urge of copying it from others. But not anymore, it won’t matter how many lectures you have missed or didn’t copy, you can always find it in the TTU Blackboard portal, allowing you to search for them, share them, and your teachers to grade your material on them without making a physical move to the university.

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Not only the lectures, you also have the liberty to view and complete the curriculum without being pressurized, i.e., you can complete it at the time of your choice, no time boundaries.

Online Submission

Joining hands with Blackboard seems a smart move from TTU as it prevented many students from giving up on their education in the hard times of the pandemic. It is because students can and were able to submit their assignments, exams, researches, and tests online without having to wait for the pandemic to over, and visiting the university personally.

Submission on one side, they are even graded automatically, based on the performance of your writing piece.

Personalized For You

It isn’t like whatever you are doing will be visible to everyone using the portal. You will be provided with unique login credentials to your personalized portal, visible only to you, and select officials. Not only that, there is also a TechMail account that you’d be receiving to communicate with your fellow classmates through mail, to many of them at once.

Private Mailbox

Seems like a valuable feature to me. You as a student can chat with other students, your friends about anything you’d like to, but staying careful is always recommended. However, this mailbox wouldn’t be visible to anyone but you or to the officials of Blackboard, who have sworn to maintain privacy.

Find Who Instructs You

Your instructor, or your teacher is an individual you need to see often to discuss the ups and downs of your course. And that’s way smooth with TTU Blackboard alliance, you can find the name, contact information, availability, office hours, and much more information about your instructor from the portal, and plan your meeting accordingly.

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Drop Or Add Class

You don’t have to go through all that physical documentation to add or drop a class from your schedule or curriculum. Just hop on to the portal, navigate to the respective section, and get done with adding or dropping classes you deem necessary.

View Everything

Whether it be your GPA, course description, or the rules and regulations, you can view it all from the portal. Just say farewell to those old days of running to the administration, asking them for their favor, and then having a check on what’s rightfully yours to see..

Request A Transfer

As I said above, they have made available the entire university online, and requesting a transfer is no different. If you want to change from one campus to another or have your status changed, you can apply for the respective options by accessing the TTU Blackboard student portal, and you’ll soon hear from them for the result.


These features or benefits aren’t all that TTU Blackboard collaboration has to offer. It is just a glimpse, or you can say the cream. There are many small benefits that will spare you bigger efforts, only if you learn them at TTU Blackboard’s official website.